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Introducing Pierre Jeanneret's reproduction products! Points to consider when choosing


Pierre Jeanneret's furniture is loved by many as a timeless masterpiece. However, the reality is that many people cannot obtain original products because they are rare.

Therefore, "reproduced products" that reproduce original designs are attracting attention.

In this article, we will introduce basic knowledge about Pierre Jeanneret reproduction products (original reproductions supervised by our company) and points to consider when choosing one.

If you are interested in Jeanneret reproductions and reproductions, please read until the end.

What is Jeanneret's reproduction product?

Jeanneret reproduction products (reproductions) refer to products that reproduce original furniture designs by Pierre Jeanneret, a master of furniture design in the 20th century. It was made using the tools used at the time (saws, planes , chisels ), etc., faithfully reproducing the method of the time without using electric tools, and using vintage teak wood that is about 100 years old. Everything is made by hand.

Jeanneret is known for his urban planning and furniture design, particularly in the Indian city of Chandigarh, and his designs are praised for being simple and functional, yet with a unique aesthetic.

Original Jeanneret furniture is produced in limited quantities, making it expensive and rare. Therefore, it is exchanged at ART Auction and the price is rising.

While it is difficult for many people to obtain original products, reproductions and reproductions that faithfully reproduce the original designs are being produced.

This allows more people to enjoy Jeanneret's beautiful designs more closely.

Points to consider when choosing Jeanneret reproductions and reproductions

Points to consider when choosing Jeanneret reproductions and reproductions

There are three points to consider when choosing a Jeanneret reproduction or reprint product:


The manufacturer is a very important point. Jeanneret's designs have a unique aesthetic and functionality that requires great skill and skilled craftsmanship to accurately reproduce.

There are some low-quality reproductions and reprints, so it is important to check what process the manufacturer goes through to provide the product. By choosing a manufacturer that faithfully reproduces the quality and design of the original, you can get a reproduction product that you can use for a long time.

In particular, whether a relative who was trained as a furniture craftsman at a factory supervised by Jeanneret Design Office is deeply involved in the manufacturing process is an important point when evaluating the quality of a product.

When relatives with this kind of background and experience serve as the core of the Jeanneret reproduction project team and closely supervise everything from material procurement to the entire production process, the product inherits the spirit of the original. It can be said that it has high reliability.


Jeanneret's original furniture focuses on specific materials and textures, which is part of the appeal of his work. Therefore, when choosing a reproduction or reproduction product, it is necessary to check how faithful the material is to the original.

By checking whether the details of the texture, such as the type, quality, and color of the wood, are similar to the original, you can identify reproductions and reprints that have a high degree of reproducibility.

Particularly important is whether vintage (old) teak wood is used. Vintage teak wood has a unique texture, texture, and quality developed over time, and products made with this material have a unique appeal that closely resembles the beauty and flavor of the original.

In addition, the higher the quality of the material, the more durable the furniture will be, and the more beautifully it will age, allowing you to use it for a long time. In this way, the selection of materials can be said to be a factor that greatly influences the value and satisfaction of Jeanneret reproductions and reproductions.

design fidelity

Jeanneret is known for his unique design sense and meticulous detail, and his charming pieces are loved by many fans. Therefore, when choosing a reproduction or reproduction product, it is important to pay attention to how accurately it reproduces the design features and form of the original.

Jeanneret furniture is characterized by its simple yet unique lines, angles, and attention to detail. By choosing reproductions and reproductions that firmly capture these characteristics, you will be able to feel Jeanneret's aesthetics and philosophy in your everyday life.

In addition, even if the designs look similar at first glance, subtle differences and accents can bring out the charm of the original, so paying close attention to the details is the key to selecting Jeanneret reproductions and reprints. Masu.

Jeanneret reproduction product (reprint product)

Jeanneret reproduction product (reprint product)

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Jeanneret's Chandigarh furniture that we offer is manufactured at a specialized factory in India based on Jeanneret's unique designs and blueprints. The factory treasures its precious original plans and furniture, and the descendants of the experts who worked as cabinetmakers at Jeanneret Design Office at the time direct the entire process of furniture reproduction projects.

Their expert skills and inherited passion are at the heart of creating beautiful furniture. The furniture we provide is made from carefully selected old teak wood that has been reused, and we are particular about the arched backrest, the angle of the seat, and even the armrests. In particular, the rounded edges and minute indentations on the seat are elements that highlight the beauty of furniture.

The traditional ``seaming'' joining method and rattan sheets that are carefully woven by hand testify to their high quality.

It takes an average of a week to perfect each chair, and after careful polishing, it is delivered to the customer.

Product Info

Product InfoProduct Info

We carry a diverse lineup of Jeanneret reproductions and reproductions, including chairs, benches, stoles, and tables. Each of these products embodies Jeanneret's unique aesthetics and functionality.

We treat each item as special, so all of our products are made to order and are carefully manufactured before being delivered to our customers. If you are looking for high-quality Jeanneret reproductions or reproductions, please take a look at our lineup.

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If you are looking for a Jeanneret reproduction product or reprint product

Pierre Jeanneret is known as a master of furniture design in the 20th century, and the furniture he designed is still loved by many people today. Reproducts and reprints are reproductions of original designs, and are attractive because they feel more familiar and are easier to obtain.

When choosing a product, it is important to carefully check the manufacturer, materials used, and design fidelity.

In addition, the skills of skilled workers during the production process, the quality of the materials selected, and the attention to detail in the design are key points when choosing high-quality reproduction products.

If you are looking for Jeanneret reproductions or reprints, please check this out.

In addition, for reproducts and reprints supervised by our company, we also provide aftercare by engineers with reliable technology and commitment.
We also carefully handle modifications and repairs to Jeanneret products that customers already own, so if you have any problems, concerns, or questions, please feel free to contact us.

We will do our best to support our customers so that they can use Jeanneret products for a long period of time with peace of mind.