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5 recommended reproductions of Jeanneret chairs! Introducing popular models


Jeanneret's Indian furniture is attracting attention all over the world, but did you know that there are also "reprinted products"? A reproduction product is a product that reproduces the original design as faithfully as possible.

Jeanneret reproduction products (reprints) are also carefully made one by one by local craftsmen in workshops in India based on original drawings.

Some people who are interested in Jeanneret chairs may be worried that they are confused because there are so many types, or that they don't know how to purchase Indian furniture.

In this article, we will explain in detail the differences between the many Jeanneret chairs, how to choose one, and how to purchase reproduction products.

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[Chair] Points to consider when choosing a Jeanneret reproduction product

[Chair] Points to consider when choosing a Jeanneret reproduction product

An important point to consider when choosing a Jeanneret reproduction chair is which retailer to purchase it from.

It is important to check the process through which the products are provided. The important point is whether the quality and design are faithfully reproduced.

What is especially important is whether people who are descended from the craftsmen of the time are involved in the manufacturing process at the factory supervised by the Jeanneret Design Office.

If a person who is descended from the craftsmen of the time closely supervises the entire process from material procurement to production, it can be said that the product inherits the original spirit and has a high degree of reliability.

Another important point is the level of aftercare provided. By choosing a retailer that provides reliable maintenance and repair services after purchase, you can maintain the quality of the product for a long period of time.

The reproductions that we supervise are created by the successors of Jeanneret, who once made a name for themselves as furniture craftsmen at the Jeanneret Design Office, in order to faithfully reproduce the furniture, based on Jeanneret's original blueprints and furniture. This is a product that we supervise in every detail.

We also provide after-care services provided by highly skilled professional engineers. This allows us to provide a complete support system so that you can use our products for a long period of time with peace of mind even after purchasing them.

5 recommended reproductions of Jeanneret chairs

5 recommended reproductions of Jeanneret chairs

Each chair designed by Jeanneret has different characteristics and functionality. We would like to introduce five recommended chairs from among the reproduction products handled by PIERRE JEANNERET TOKYO.



The armless easy chair is a V-shaped leg chair that is a symbol of Jeanneret.
This chair is designed to be used in a variety of locations, including offices, residences, and public facilities.

The seat has a gentle slope towards the backrest, providing a gentle sitting comfort.

The design is clean and simple, making it perfect for both furniture and interior decoration.

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The office can bench, known as a masterpiece by Jeanneret, is characterized by its simple and minimal design.

It is composed of only the minimum necessary elements to provide a comfortable sitting experience, and its robustness makes it suitable for long-term daily use in offices, public facilities, schools, etc.

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Designed specifically for the apartments of members of the Legislative Assembly in 1955-1956, the canned bench is distinguished by its unique structure.

The two V-shaped legs and the crossbar that connects them are not only functional, but their beautiful design adds a sophisticated look to your space.

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The low-height kangaroo chair is also one of Jeanneret's masterpieces.

The wide seat allows you to sit comfortably and provides a comfortable and stable feel. Furthermore, the area from the legs to the backrest has a distinctive Z shape, giving it a stylish appearance that can be enjoyed as an interior decoration.

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Canned bench seats designed in the 1960s were primarily used for home use. The seat is supported by Jeanneret's unique V-shaped legs and slopes backwards, providing a comfortable and deep sitting experience.

The seat and backrest are delicately woven over a wide area, creating a beautiful traditional handicraft technique by Indian furniture makers. The high level of technology down to the smallest detail stands out.

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If you are looking for a reproduction of Jeanneret's chair.

If you are looking for a reproduction of Jeanneret's chair.

When choosing a reproduction of a Jeanneret chair, it is important to pay attention to the height, material, and design.

With its linear and simple design, the Jeanneret chair fits perfectly into any room. It's a good idea to choose a chair based on your purpose, considering how comfortable it is to sit on, and whether you'll feel tired even after sitting for a long time.

`` PIERRE JEANNERET TOKYO '' carries a number of reproductions of chairs, which are Jeanneret's masterpieces.
All of our furniture is faithfully reproduced in every detail of Jeanneret's designs, and each piece is handmade at our factory in India. PIERRE JEANNERET TOKYO's goal is to deliver not ``furniture similar to Jeanneret'' but ``reproductions of the real thing.''

We are committed to producing reproductions that have surpassed the times of the time, and delivering the best reproductions to our customers.

If you are interested in original vintage pieces or are looking for reproductions of Jeanneret chairs, please feel free to contact PIERRE JEANNERET TOKYO.

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