Pierre Jeanneret Tokyo



Pierre Jeanneret Tokyo meets chilli'n artists.

Furniture designed by Pierre Jeanneret, cousin of modern architect Le Corbusier, and photographs by photographer Kazutoshi Sugawara, who goes beyond conventional photographic expression and creates numerous fine arts. We will hold an event where you can see the works of both artists together, which will give you a sense of what is true. We look forward to your visit.

Pierre Jeanneret was an architect and furniture designer who collaborated with his cousin, one of the most famous architects, Le Corbusier. Ichigo Sugawara is a photographer who created fine art with his very sensitive eyes. We are doing an exhibition at which you can see what the essence is and also experience Pierre Jeanneret's furniture and Ichigo Sugawara's photographs together. We are looking forward to serving you.

[Period] April 20th (Wednesday) ~ June 14th (Tuesday)
[Location] Tokyo Midtown Galleria 1st floor
Isetan Salone Promotion Space